December 8, 2023

Portuguese footballer Christiano Ronaldo is having his dream house built in the coastal resort town of Cascais, 20 minutes from Lisbon, but the people living in the neighbourhood are already “fed up” with the toll construction has taken on their place.

As per Marca, the four-storey luxury mansion worth $22 million has been under construction for the last three years and is said to be “the most expensive house in the country”. 

Citing a Spanish newspaper Okdiario, the publication said that the construction site has all amenities designed by the family.

“Among them, the project will have four floors and four luxury suites, covered by huge glass walls overlooking the beautiful Portuguese landscape.”

Moreover, the mansion will have a cinema room, a service area, a gym, a tennis court, and two garages to park at least 20 luxury cars owned by Ronaldo.

Despite years of construction, Ronaldo’s house it is yet to be completed until 2024, which troubles the neighbours. 

“We’ve had three years of construction. The house is so big that it looks like a hospital. My street has been cut off for months, my garden is full of dust. All because of the ‘pyramid’ of Pharaoh Ronaldo,” it quoted one of the neighbors who revealed their distress to OkDiario.

It may be noted that the project is expected to be ready to move in by mid-June 2024. However, the ball player will not return until the completion of his contract with Al-Nassr in June 2025.

By this time, the Al-Nassr forward will reach the age of 40 when he would like to retire, so he may be building this mansion as his retirement house. 

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