Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, two of the greatest players in football history, have amassed immense followings eager to witness their final showdown before they retire from their illustrious careers filled with records and fame, according to Times Now News.

Messi, who celebrated his 37th birthday recently, and Ronaldo, nearing the end of his tenure with a Saudi Arabian club with just a year left on his contract at 39, have both contemplated retirement in various interviews.

Messi has expressed his intention not to prolong his career unnecessarily.

Despite playing in different leagues (Messi for Al Nassr and Ronaldo for Inter Miami), there remains hope for a final clash between the GOATs.

The possibility of one last encounter at the international level also exists, contingent upon Ronaldo, currently representing Portugal, winning Euro 2024, and Messi, playing for Argentina, triumphing in Copa America 2024.

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Should both Portugal and Argentina emerge victorious in their respective tournaments, fans may witness the ultimate showdown between the two GOATs at Finalissima 2025.

Finalissima, a newly introduced competition, features the winners of Copa America and the Euros facing off in a highly anticipated clash.