Ed Sheeran hasn’t owned a working cellphone for nearly a decade. 

The 33-year-old musician made the revelation during his recent appearance on the Therapusstalk show after offering his email address to host Jake Shane as he didn’t “have a number.” 

Clarifying that he “isn’t… playing [Shane] off,” Sheeran explained that he actually hasn’t “had a phone since 2015.” 

“I have something to like video stuff that would then go up on social media, but it’s not like an active working phone,” he elaborated. 

Sharing the motivation behind his decision, the Shape of You hitmaker recalled a time when he had 10,000 contacts saved in his phone – and that was before he got famous. 

At one point, he started feeling overwhelmed with the pressure of replying to everyone. 

“Sometimes you’re just not in a headscape to reply, you’re busy doing whatever, but then you reply, then they reply back… and suddenly you’re in like 40 conversations at once,” he reflected. 

Upon realising that he was “losing real-life interaction,” Sheeran recalled, I got rid of [my phone], I got an iPad, I moved everything onto email, which I reply to once a week.”