Ed Sheeran revealed on the Therapusstalk show that he hasn’t owned a working cellphone for nearly a decade.

The 33-year-old singer-songwriter disclosed this after offering his email address to host Jake Shane because he doesn’t have a phone number.

Sheeran clarified that he wasn’t brushing Shane off, explaining that he hasn’t had a phone since 2015. He clarified that while he has a device for capturing video content for social media, it’s not a functional phone for calls and texts.

The decision stemmed from feeling overwhelmed by the constant communication demands. Sheeran recalled having thousands of contacts even before his fame, which led to an unmanageable number of conversations.

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Feeling it detracted from real-life interactions, he transitioned to using an iPad and managing everything through email, which he checks and responds to once a week.

This choice reflects Sheeran‘s desire to balance his personal and professional life, ensuring meaningful interactions while managing his celebrity responsibilities.