Billionaire Elon Musk said on social media that he agreed with a fellow tech leader’s forecast that, in 20 years, there will be roughly 1 billion humanoid robots on the planet.

Musk confirmed the prediction made by David Holz, the creator of the artificial intelligence (AI) research lab Midjourney, on X, the old Twitter. Holz stated last week in a post that “we should be expecting a billion humanoid robots on earth in the 2040s and a hundred billion (mostly alien) robots throughout the solar system in the 2060s”, according to Fox.

Musk replied, “Probably something like that, provided the foundations of civilisation are stable.”

One of the businesses that Elon Musk founded, Tesla, has created a humanoid robot prototype that the entrepreneur believes will help humanity realise that ambitious goal in twenty years.

Initially unveiled during the business’s AI Day event in August 2021, Musk stated the company intended to construct a prototype by the following year, introducing the Tesla Optimus, also dubbed Tesla Bot. At the time, he stated, “I think it has the potential to be more significant than the vehicle business over time.” related to the robot.

During an October 2022 event, Elon Musk expressed his hope to eventually produce millions of Optimus robots, each costing approximately $20,000. Despite the robot’s limited capabilities, Musk stated that he wouldn’t ask it to perform more difficult tasks because he “didn’t want it to fall on its face” after it made its stage debut.