Google has decided to retire its infinite scrolling feature in favor of reintroducing a classic pagination bar for desktop users. This change will enable users to navigate directly to a specific page of search results by clicking “Next.”

Initially introduced for mobile devices in October 2021 and later extended to desktop searches in 2022, the endless scrolling feature is now being phased out, as reported by Search Engine Land via The Verge.

According to Google’s statement to Search Engine Land, the decision aims to prioritize faster loading times for search results, focusing on delivering results more efficiently upon explicit user request rather than loading them automatically.

This adjustment is expected to improve user experience by ensuring quicker access to search results.

In addition to this change, Google has announced enhancements in its Gmail service with new artificial intelligence (AI) features.

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One notable addition is the Gemini side panel, which will help summarize email threads and assist in composing new emails. This web tool will also offer proactive prompts and allow users to ask open-ended questions.

Initially available to paid subscribers, the Gemini side panel will extend its functionality to other Google Workspace applications such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive, aiming to enhance productivity and user interaction across its platforms.