Guru NKZ releases the official music video for his song ‘Eye Nwanwa’.

Guru NKZ features Dr Likee, Leyla and others in ‘Eye Nwanwa’ official video

Ghanaian hip-life artist Guru NKZ, known for his energetic performances and catchy songs, has once again captured the attention of music lovers with his latest release, “Eye Nwanwa.” This time, Guru has taken a unique approach by not only delivering a compelling track but also introducing popular comedians like Dr. Likee, Leyla, and others to create a memorable music video.

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Guru NKZ has been a consistent and innovative figure in the Ghanaian music industry for several years. His fusion of hip-life and highlife genres, coupled with thought-provoking lyrics and catchy melodies, has won him a dedicated fan base. Guru’s music often reflects the vibrant culture of Ghana, and “Eye Nwanwa” is no exception.

Guru NKZ’s decision to feature comedians like Dr. Likee, Leyla, and others in the “Eye Nwanwa” official video is a masterstroke. It not only elevates the video’s entertainment value but also demonstrates Guru’s forward-thinking approach to music and visual storytelling.

The video is already making waves on social media, garnering millions of views and sparking discussions about the fusion of music and comedy. It serves as a testament to Guru NKZ‘s ability to push creative boundaries, capturing the essence of modern Ghanaian culture.

Watch and enjoy the video below: