J A Adofo presents to you the official video for his song Mesu me ho.

J. A. Adofo, also known as Joseph Adofo, is a Ghanaian musician and songwriter who is best known for his contributions to highlife music, a popular genre in West Africa. Highlife music originated in Ghana in the early 20th century and blends elements of traditional Akan rhythms with Western musical styles, often featuring guitars, horns, and percussion instruments.

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J. A. Adofo gained prominence in the Ghanaian music scene during the 1970s and 1980s. He is associated with the “burger highlife” subgenre, which emerged as Ghanaian immigrants returned from Europe and brought back influences from Western music. His music often incorporates elements of funk, reggae, and other international genres while maintaining a distinct highlife flavor.

Adofo’s music is characterized by catchy melodies, socially relevant lyrics, and danceable rhythms. Some of his popular songs include “Yaa Amponsah,” “Obi Nya Wope Mma Me,” and “Ankwanobi.”

watch and enjoy the video below: