Jennifer Lopez is taking full advantage of her time away from Ben Affleck amid ongoing speculation about their marriage.

The multi-talented star is currently exploring Europe with a group of friends, leaving behind her estranged husband and children.

According to insights from Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer’s decision to travel reflects her love for European summer getaways, offering her a chance to unwind and enjoy a change of scenery amidst marital challenges with Affleck.

“Jen loves spending summers in Europe. It’s been a refreshing change for her to take some time for herself,” shared a source, outlining Jennifer’s plans which include everything from lively dinners and late nights to soaking up the sun, dressing up, dancing, and shopping with her close companions.

The insider also highlighted that Ben Affleck‘s preference for a more laid-back lifestyle means he likely wouldn’t have been as enthusiastic about the trip, even if their relationship were on steadier ground.

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“This isn’t Ben’s typical scene, even when he and Jen were doing well,” they explained. “But Jennifer isn’t letting Ben’s absence dampen her spirits.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s children, Max and Emme, from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony, are busy with their own summer activities while she enjoys her European adventure.

As the singer takes time for herself abroad, surrounded by friends and new experiences, she continues to navigate the ups and downs of public scrutiny and personal life with resilience and grace.