Jennifer Lopez has launched a new Netflix series amidst ongoing rumors of a split with Ben Affleck.

The 54-year-old star, who faced mixed reviews for her Amazon Prime show “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” focused on her renewed relationship with Affleck, 51.

Lopez, through her company Nuyorican, secured a deal with Netflix to adapt Emily Henry’s novel “Happy Place” into a series.

Deadline reports that plans are underway to bring the storyline to life, with producers and streaming executives currently in talks with writers.

“Happy Place” centers on Harriet and Wyn, a couple who unexpectedly end their relationship after meeting in college. Lopez will serve as a producer alongside Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Benny Medina.

Prior to this project, Lopez’s film “This is Me Now… A Love Story” received global attention, with critics dubbing it “bonkers” and an “over-the-top delight” for fans.

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However, some viewers criticized Lopez as “delusional” and “out of touch,” particularly after watching her in the documentary.

One scene in particular, where J Lo reminisces about her Bronx childhood while playing with her hair in the mirror, sparked controversy among fans.