Michael Jackson biopic expected to be Lionsgate’s biggest film ever

Jim Packer, Lionsgate’s president of worldwide television distribution, expressed strong confidence in the future spin-off of the studio’s film and TV production and library business, predicting it to become a powerhouse for creating successful franchises.

Speaking at the Gabelli Media & Entertainment Symposium, Packer underscored Lionsgate’s strategic focus on intellectual property, pointing to the highly anticipated Michael Jackson biopic Michael as a prime example. Scheduled for release in April 2025, Packer anticipates it becoming the studio’s biggest movie ever, generating substantial excitement with each new photo release.

Packer also highlighted the immense success of Lionsgate‘s Hunger Games series, which has amassed approximately $3.3 billion at the box office. “We’ve taken that franchise and while it’s not on the scale of Harry Potter, from a financial and IP perspective, it’s as pivotal for us as Harry Potter is for Warner Bros,” Packer explained during the conference.

His remarks followed an announcement by author Suzanne Collins and publisher Scholastic that the next book in The Hunger Games series, titled Sunrise on the Reaping, will be published the following year.

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Discussing licensing deals, Packer emphasized the importance of both financial terms and platform scale. “When it comes to licensing content like John Wick or Hunger Games, we evaluate offers based on monthly rates versus longer-term agreements. Sometimes, opting for a longer duration at a slightly reduced rate offers a better balance,” Packer asserted.