Mobile phones carry harmful germs

According to The Sun, “mobile phones are carrying more harmful germs and bacteria similar to that of human feces and toilets,” which are transferred when individuals touch their phones and then touch other things with the same hands.

The SellCell study discovered “E.Coli and Faecal Streptococci on 100% of smartphone screens,” as well as “food poisoning germ, Bacillus cereus, and pneumonia-causing S aureus on each of the 20 swabs taken from ten phones.”

Though everyone washes their hands to remove germs and microbes, the study found that mobile phones can be filthy and full of pathogens, with bacteria similar to cockroaches and human feces lurking on the gadgets.

The study examined the mobile phone screens of six ladies and four guys aged 22 to 62.

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SellCell COO Sarah McConomy stated that the company was interested in detecting hazardous bacteria and the common types of bacteria found on phones.

According to McConomy, the surprising results have led to the conclusion that because people’s devices carry hazardous bacteria, the same as human feces, they should sanitize their mobile phones more frequently to avoid harm to their health.

According to the study, P.aeruginosa was also recognized as having originated from cockroaches, implying that cockroaches had been lurking on cell phones.

According to experts, taking phones inside bathrooms can expose individuals to germs in as little as five minutes since germs become airborne while flushing. According to the study, we are likely transferring these viruses to other areas of our daily life.

However, SellCell also stated that the number of these bacteria is insufficient to cause any serious harm, but advised consumers to clean and sanitize their phones before using the restroom.

Researchers have discovered that mobile phones have more germs than an ordinary toilet seat.

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