Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds have recently unveiled a new behind-the-scenes clip from their forthcoming album “Wild God.”

Scheduled for release on August 30, the album marks another collaboration for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. The Australian songwriter disclosed that he began working on the album on New Year’s Day in 2023.

Recording sessions held at Miraval in Provence and Soundtree in London included notable guests such as Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood and Luis Almau.

According to Clash, the trailer showcased behind-the-scenes footage, capturing Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in their creative process.

In an exclusive statement about the album, Nick Cave shared, “I hope the album has the same effect on listeners as it has on me. It bursts out of the speakers, sweeping me up in its energy. It’s a complex record, yet profoundly infectious and joyful.”

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Reflecting on their approach, he added, “There’s never a grand plan when we make a record. The albums reflect the emotional states of the writers and musicians involved. Listening to this, well, it sounds like we’re happy.”

“Wild God… there’s no messing around with this record. When it hits, it hits. It lifts you up. It moves you. That’s what I love about it.”