Pete Davidson was intimidated by Omaha crowd, left his gig half way and “walked off” the stage.

Davidson, 30, abruptly decided to call it off due to “relentless heckling.”

An insider told In Touch Weekly that he had no intention of appeasing some hecklers in the crowd.

“Pete had a standup performance in Omaha, but the crowd got to him so he walked off before finishing his set,” the insider said of the Bodies Bodies Bodies star’s show on May 24. 

“He was getting relentlessly heckled by some people in the audience. Everyone is making a big deal about it except for Pete.”

The source added, “Pete, who still struggles with depression, is being praised by his friends, and a lot of his fans, for not taking any crap that affects his mental health. That’s why he left the stage. His number one priority is his mental wellbeing.”

Several accounts claim that several audience members were shouting and acting erratically during Pete’s stand-up show at the Steelhouse. The former Saturday Night Live alum was swiftly defended by fans.

“I just left the Pete Davidson show in Omaha, and I just have to say, where the f**k did decorum go at events?” one YouTuber said in a video. 

“He shouldn’t have had to walk off stage because you guys don’t understand that because you see crowd work on TikTok that you think every comedian now needs to be heckled to the point that if they leave the stage with one joke left.”

The woman continued, “It’s just absolutely absurd. You’re ruining it for the whole show … He didn’t deserve that.”

Davidosn has previously been transparent about his difficulties with mental health. In 2017, he disclosed that he was given a diagnosis of bipolar personality disorder, or BPD.