December 10, 2023

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo has taken over Cofina Media, a Portuguese media group, through a group of investors in a stunning move, it emerged on Tuesday.

Ronaldo, one of the best footballers of all time, also owns restaurants, a hair transplant clinic, watches, and hotels worth over £409 million.

The football star reportedly bought the media group through Expressao Livre, with the 38-year-old part of a group of investors.

Cofina Media owns several Portuguese national newspapers, including Correio da Manha, Record, and Jornal de Negocios.

And that purchase is particularly surprising given Ronaldo has clashed with some of Cofina Media’s groups in the past.

The football legend previously took Correio da Manha to court over alleged privacy violations.

Ronaldo also once threw a microphone into a lake that belonged to a reporter who works for CMTV.

That was prior to Euro 2016, a tournament Portugal ended up winning seven years ago.

Ronaldo refused to answer questions and football fans were stunned by his reaction, with the reporter also taken aback.

Ronaldo has instantly moved to address old tensions by giving members of staff a bonus of over £1,000.

He has also thanked staff for all their hard work and looks forward to a positive relationship going forward.

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