South Korea is launching a pioneering aviation initiative set to drastically reduce travel times.

The new helicopter taxi service, named “Vonaer,” will connect Seoul’s airport to the Gangnam neighborhood in just 20 minutes, replacing journeys that previously took over two hours.

Currently in its testing phase, Vonaer will initially offer hourly flights priced at 440,000 won ($320) for one-way trips. This startup venture is also introducing nationwide charter services, like the 18 million won ($13,000) one-way flight from Seoul to Busan.

CEO Shin Min emphasized the novelty of urban air services in South Korea, citing the sector’s early stage of development and the need for increased public awareness and infrastructure.

Min assured prospective passengers of Vonaer’s commitment to safety and the expertise of its helicopter fleet and pilots. The initiative comes amid a growing interest in air taxis in South Korea, with other companies like SK Telecom and Joby Aviation entering the market.

SK Telecom plans to start testing its own air taxi prototype next year, aiming to address the country’s traffic congestion challenges and heralding a significant transformation in South Korea’s transportation landscape.

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