TikTok has entered the artificial intelligence race by testing an enhanced search results page, which uses generative AI technology to display snippets of top results related to a query at the page’s top, according to The Verge.

When users click on this section, a new page opens with full responses. According to a Tik Tok page explaining the feature, the content is generated using ChatGPT and displayed when the algorithm deems it relevant to the search.

For example, when users input a query into Tik Tok’s search bar, AI technology is employed to present related results.

However, users have observed that not all queries yield AI-generated answers, indicating some limitations to the feature.

Known as AI Smart Search, this feature leverages ChatGPT to provide answers to search queries, which TikTok‘s algorithm displays when deemed appropriate.

Given its recent introduction, there may be occasional issues such as irrelevant information or inaccuracies in the answers provided.

This social media platform has been steadily introducing new features to its platform, including last fall’s testing of integrating Google search results into its app.

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