Joining the artificial intelligence race, TikTok has begun testing a more robust search results page that, using generative AI technology, shows a snippet of top results related to a query appear at the top of the page, The Verge reported.

Upon clicking on the section, a new page with full responses opens up.

A TikTok page explaining this new feature said that the material is generated using ChatGPT and that TikTok displays the content “when the algorithm finds it relevant to your search.”

For instance, if you type a query into the search bar, TikTok will use AI technology to show results related to it.

However, users have noted that the feature appears to be limited in that not all queries have AI answers.

The feature is known as AI Smart Search. It provides ChatGPT answers to search queries. Then TikTok’s algorithm displays these answers when it finds them relevant to the search.

As this feature is relatively new, errors like irrelevant information or inaccurate answers could occur.

The video sharing app has steadily been bringing in more and more features to its app.

Last fall, it began testing to integrate Google search results into its app.