Tom Cruise continues to face setbacks as his highly anticipated Mission: Impossible film encounters yet another hurdle in production.

The eighth installment of the blockbuster franchise has been further delayed, this time due to a malfunction involving a £23 million submarine used during filming.

The issue arose when the gimbal, crucial for maneuvering the 120-foot-tall structure, became stuck under its own weight, necessitating extensive repairs. This unforeseen setback has led to weeks of disruptions in the production schedule and a significant increase in the movie’s budget.

Originally slated for release this summer, the film is now rescheduled for May 2025, with uncertainty looming over its subsequent theater debut following this latest postponement.

Much of the filming for the new installment has taken place at Longcross Studios in the UK, where Tom Cruise has frequently been spotted portraying the iconic agent Ethan Hunt.

In addition to his commitments to Mission: Impossible, Cruise is gearing up for another exhilarating adventure in a new sequel to Top Gun. This follows the immense box office success of Top Gun: Maverick, which grossed nearly $1.5 billion.

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