WhatsApp introduces new features for Windows

WhatsApp, the instant messaging program, is constantly releasing new upgrades and features to improve the user experience.

According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp has added a new feature to the Windows native app that allows users to listen to voice messages outside of chats.

The new function, dubbed play messages outside of conversations, is available through the official beta channel on the Microsoft Store search. Some beta testers have access to it now, but more individuals will be able to use it in the coming days.

Users will be able to listen to any voice message even if they open a separate conversation after this update.

This capability is critical since consumers will be able to execute numerous actions at the same time while listening to an audio message. This would also save them time if a voice note is lengthy and consumers continued to deliver messages throughout separate discussions.

“Although this feature appeared in the beta version for the first time, we do not exclude that the release may be wider and that it may have also reached some users on the stable version of the application,” said WaBetaInfo

Non-beta users can find out if this update is available to them by listening to an audio message while also opening another conversation.

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