According to, the alignment of Venus, Jupiter, and the moon on Wednesday morning was easily visible when the three brightest objects in the night sky came together. It is a rare occurrence, therefore this amused people all around the world.

Photographers documented the alignment of the planets and deluged Twitter with images of Jupiter. The moon traveled to Venus, the planet closest to the sun, before coming close to Jupiter, the gas giant in the center of the solar system.

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“On February 22, 2023, soon after sunset, the moon, Venus, and Jupiter will be in the same spot of the sky, within eight degrees, offering an outstanding show,” Gianluca Masi, head of The Virtual Telescope Project, wrote in a statement.

“The Virtual Telescope Project is ready to share the vision with you, with those cosmic gems hanging above the legendary skyline of Rome, the Eternal City.”

Even if you missed the beautiful sight yesterday night, skygazers can still view the moon and planets aligning today.

The distance between the two planets appeared to be around “three fists.” On February 20, there were about nine degrees between the two planets. The difference will have shrunk to 2.3 degrees by February 27.

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On March 1, the planets will be 0.52 degrees apart when they are closest.

Now that everything is digital, nobody actually misses anything. People’s Daily captured the breathtaking celestial occurrence in a time-lapse.