One of the biggest benefits of owning an Airpod is the convenience it provides. Not only does it look stylish, but is also of great use.

But with owning an AirPod comes the hassle of cleaning it. Over time, sweat, wax, germs, and dirt may build up, resulting in a decrease in their functionality and possible ear infections for users too, the New York Post reported.

Therefore, it is very important to keep them clean. But does one do that?

Here’s how.

The do’s and don’ts of AirPod Cleaning

The do’s

  • Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
  • Clean the microphone and speaker meshes gently with a dry cotton swab.
  • If dirt or wax is stuck in the mesh, then use a soft toothbrush to get rid of it.
  • Clean the outside with a slightly wet towel or tissue.

The Don’ts

  • Do not put your AirPods under water; they may be water-resistant but not water-proof.
  • Do not use any pointed, sharp, or rough objects to clean.
  • Do not use any cleaning products such as soap, disinfectant, or any kind of liquid.

How do you prevent your AirPods from getting dirty?

Store your AirPods in their case when not using them. Make sure the case is clean before placing them inside.

Avoid sharing your AirPods with other people; this can transfer bacteria or germs from one another and increase the risk of infection.

How often should we clean them?

According to Real Simple, AirPods and their cases should be cleaned after every 72 hours of use. However, it varies from person to person, so use your judgement to decide whether your AirPods and their case need cleaning or not.