Pete Davidson faced a challenging situation during his stand-up performance in Omaha, ultimately deciding to leave the stage midway due to persistent heckling from the audience.

Reports indicate that despite attempts to continue, the comedian felt compelled to exit to preserve his mental well-being.

According to an insider speaking to In Touch Weekly, Davidson, known for his role in “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” chose not to engage with disruptive audience members.

The source emphasized that Davidson’s decision was driven by his ongoing struggle with depression, highlighting his commitment to prioritizing his mental health above all else.

Witnesses described the atmosphere at the Steelhouse venue as tumultuous, with some attendees reportedly shouting and behaving disruptively throughout Davidson’s set.

Despite subsequent debates and opinions shared on social media, including strong support from fans defending his decision to leave, the incident underscores Davidson‘s continued openness about his mental health challenges.

Having previously disclosed his diagnosis of bipolar personality disorder in 2017, Davidson’s experience in Omaha adds to a broader conversation about the boundaries between performer and audience, particularly in the context of live comedy.

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