Meta-owned WhatsApp is working on a new chat lock feature that will allow users to lock their private talks within the web client of the service, improving the security of such exchanges.

WhatsApp is reportedly working on adding a closed chat option to its online client, per aWABetaInfo report. The encrypted chats are probably going to be kept in a special tab with the intention of providing an extra degree of protection and privacy for personal communications.

According to the source, the feature is currently under development and will be included in a future web client update.

In the meantime, Android users may no longer save their conversation history, photos, and videos on Google Drive, the world’s most popular messaging platform, for free. 

Due to this modification, customers may soon have to worry about their Google Drive storage limit being exceeded by WhatsApp data, which may lead them to think about purchasing a Google One membership as a workaround.

Chat backups were being kept on your Google Drive account by Meta-owned WhatsApp, regardless of whether you were using Google’s free or premium cloud storage plan. This increases the amount of space used by backups from Google Photos, Gmail, and other sources on your Google Drive by using the storage connected to the Gmail account connected to your WhatsApp.

If you don’t want to pay for the Google One plan and don’t want to use up all of your Google Drive capacity for conversation backups, you can choose not to back up your WhatsApp talks to the cloud. When switching to a new Android phone, they might instead think about utilising the integrated WhatsApp Chat Transfer feature.