In a monumental convergence celebrating culture and music, Amerado, the acclaimed Ghanaian artist, orchestrated the unforgettable My Motherland concert as part of the MefiriEjisu Homecoming. This event, held in collaboration with No Wrong Thing Family, transformed Ejisu into a pulsating epicenter of artistry and heritage.

This grand celebration of roots and success was made possible by the collaborative efforts of NWTFGhana, whose invaluable support played a pivotal role in bringing the event to fruition.

At the vibrant Okese Park, thousands of devoted fans flocked from all corners, converging to partake in this cultural milestone. The fusion of art, music, and tradition saw Amerado, joined by an illustrious lineup of artists such as Fameye, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Lasmid, Eno Barony, Fancy Gadam, Kweku Darlington, and more, captivating the audience with electrifying performances.

Moreover, the event served as a launching pad for over 20 emerging talents, graciously provided with a platform to showcase their burgeoning artistry to an enthralled audience.

From dusk till dawn, the atmosphere crackled with unbridled energy, with fans immersed in an uninterrupted spectacle of musical brilliance, testament to the unity and vibrancy ingrained in the MefiriEjisu Homecoming spirit.

Prior to the captivating performances, Amerado led a spirited health walk with the residents of Ejisu, in tandem with NWTFGhana’s commitment to promoting community well-being. Marching through the town’s principal streets, this initiative underscored the importance of health and community engagement.

The My Motherland concert stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit fostered by MefiriEjisu Homecoming and the generous support extended by NWTFGhana. As the night drew to a close, the crowd dispersed, buzzing with excitement for what future editions will bring to this vibrant cultural celebration.