Cristiano Ronaldo’s golden interaction may have been lost by Will Smith.

As the fourth entry in the iconic Bad Boys franchise is set to release on June 7, Will Smith got his hands complete with promotional feats with only 10 remains left. On May 24, the actor was in Saudi Arabia for the country’s first-ever Hollywood Premiere in Riyadh, according to Essentially Sports.

In the same Riyadh that is home to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nassr team, there is a perception that the Hollywood legend lost out on something, especially in light of his most recent successful partnership with Lionel Messi, the highly esteemed star player of Inter Miami.

For the premiere of Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Will Smith was at Roshn Front’s VOX Cinema. However, it is felt that such a massive promotion in Saudi Arabia could have been prominently highlighted with Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence. 

Cristiano Ronaldo, on the other hand is preparing for a crucial King Cup match against Al Hilal and is in Riyadh. 

Will Smith also attended Inter Miami’s season opener against Real Salt Lake. Fans were excited during halftime as the Bad Boys actor shared a warm moment with Lionel Messi.