Twitter to charge businesses

According to The Information, Twitter wants to make money off the companies that use its network by charging them $1,000 a month to keep their gold checkmarks.

Brands that don’t pay the $1,000 monthly fee will eventually lose their gold badges, according to a report by the publication, though it is unclear when.

According to the outlet’s analysis of internal communications, Twitter is contemplating imposing a $50 monthly charge to pay the expense of putting badges to each account tied to the business. The snapshot looks to be an email discussion between Twitter product manager Evan Jones and an unnamed organization, according to social media specialist Matt Navarra.

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The email states that early access subscribers would receive affiliation badges for their employees as well as a gold checkmark for their organizations. “Verified for Organizations is $1,000 a month, and $50 per additional affiliated handle per month, with one month of free affiliations, if you’d like to subscribe.

Twitter provided gold badges prior to the introduction of its Verification for Organizations program (formerly known as Blue for Business), which allowed firms to “verify and identify themselves on Twitter.”

Additionally, it enables companies to add badges displaying shrunk-down variations of their Twitter profile images to accounts belonging to staff members, executives, and anyone else connected to the business. As an example, the profile of Twitter product manager Esther Crawford features a tiny Twitter logo.

After that, Navarra offered another screenshot of a direct message between a third company and a Twitter product manager, who again confirmed the $1,000 monthly charge.

Twitter hasn’t formally disclosed the cost of the membership, despite the fact that it started offering early access to the program last month.

The pricey subscription is only one of many changes CEO Elon Musk has made to Twitter in an effort to boost sales and lower the $12.5 billion in debt the firm is carrying. After abruptly banning their apps from the network last month, Musk has also started charging users $8 per month for a blue checkmark and will soon start demanding developers pay for access to Twitter’s API.