Inter Miami star Lionel Messi expressed frustration during a match with Montreal as he was made to sit down for two minutes after an injury, ESPN reported.

The eight-time Ballon d’Or winner suffered a minor injury when Montreal’s George Campbell rushed towards Messi, causing his boots to hit him in the knee and fall to the ground as fans held their breath.

Lionel Messi

But Messi later got to his feet and received assistance to the side of the pitch by a medical personnel.

Due to a change in rules by Major League Soccer, which states that if a player remains on the ground after an injury for 15 seconds or more, he shall remain off the field for two minutes.

Messi was visibly outraged by this new rule and was heard criticizing it in Spanish as he waited for the two minutes to end.

Cameras caught him saying, “With this kind of rule, we’re headed in the wrong direction.”

After the match, Miami coach Gerardo Martino too expressed his anger with the revised rules. 

He said, “In Leo’s situation, he was clearly fouled. The player deserved a yellow card, which would mean Messi would’ve never left the field for two minutes. With these new rule changes, there are situations that must be revised.”

Inter Miami ultimately won the match by 3-2, however, Messi was unable to score or assist any goals, breaking his goal streak.