Popular social media platform TikTok is testing out a new Snapchat-like “Streak” feature to increase user engagement time and improve the app’s outreach, Tech Crunch revealed.

As per reports, the feature is currently only being tested among a limited number of users. TikTok has confirmed the news but has not provided any further details.

The video sharing app said that they are experimenting with new updates and features.

For users to maintain streaks, they will have to message someone for more than three days in a row.

Once done, a streak badge will appear on the chat along with a streak day count. A streak can end if neither person sends a message in the chat within 24 hours of the last message. 

When the streaks are about to break, TikTok will remind users to send messages.

However, if someone doesn’t want to maintain streaks, they can turn it off by going into privacy in the settings bar, opening the notifications panel, and then in the streak settings they will find the option to turn it off.

According to TikTok, the primary reason for this feature is to increase engagement and encourage users to spend more time on their app.